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Should I Buy an Epson Wide Format Printer?

A wide format printer is a tool that is used to generate a graphic that a conventional printer cannot. Wide-format printers have the capacity to create a print that’s anywhere from 2 to 15 feet wide and that includes a large variety of graphics, colors, and textures.

Although they are primarily used by graphic arts professionals, wide-format printers can be used by a large variety of businesses, from graphic design and marketing agencies to architecture firms and construction sites. The graphics printed using a wide-format printer can cater to numerous business needs.

  • In the graphic arts, wide-format printers are used to generate banners, posters, trade show graphics, murals, wallpaper, theater backdrops and more.
  • In marketing, wide-format printers are used to create billboards, smaller advertising prints, backlit films and more.
  • In architecture and utilities, they are used to generate blueprints, schematics and GIS maps.

As you can see, a wide-format printer is useful for any business that relies heavily on graphics for revenue. However, wide-format printers can help business make revenue in many ways.

How Beneficial is Having a Cutting-edge Wide Format Printer to Your Business?

Even if you work in the graphic arts and don’t have a need to produce large-scale images, a wide-format printer is still highly beneficial to your business. The largest benefit is that a wide-format printer is significantly more efficient than a conventional printer.

A wide-format printer has the powerful capacity to produce up to 15 high-resolution posters per hour. Anyone who runs an efficient business knows that time is money, and a wide-format printer’s ability to increase efficiency in your business is extremely helpful. Not only that, but a printer that works faster on a larger scale allows you to take larger orders from a client, which means larger revenue for your business.

Furthermore, a wide-format printer also produces a higher-quality product, which benefits the reputation of your business directly. When you offer a product that is of higher quality than offered by your competitors, clients are more likely to recommend you online and, more importantly, recommend you to colleagues in their industry.

Why is the Epson S-series SureColor Printer the Best Option in Wide Format Printing?

Now that you are aware of the benefits of a wide-format printer, it’s important to take a closer look at the benefits of each specific model and determine which is the best printer for you.

We recommend the Epson S Series wide-format SureColor solvent printer for any business due to its impressive features. In the previous section, we highlighted the importance of efficiency, and the Epson S Series highly excels in that aspect.

These revolutionary printers make it easy for you to print, laminate and deliver a finished product within the same day. More specifically, this printer has the ability to print up to 550 ft2 per hour without compromising the quality of the print. Its precision media feeding, take-up system and PrecisionCore TFP print head ensure that every single detail is replicated with impeccable precision. The Epson S Series wide-format SureColor solvent printer is available in three different submodels, depending on your desired level of productivity.

How Does the Epson S-series Wide Format SureColor Solvent Printer Compare to Other Popular Models? 

Now that we’ve discussed the Epson S Series printers, let's take a look at how they compare to other similar products in the market.

Roland Soljet EJ-640 64” Printer 

Although both printers have similar price tags, the Roland Soljet is slightly more expensive and provides similar printing speeds. However, Roland Soljet only uses eight colors, whereas the Epson S Series uses a nine-color solvent ink. However, both the Roland and the Epson offer a maximum resolution of 1,440 X 1,440 dpi.

Canon imagePROGRAF 60” PRO-6000S Printer

This printer offers you the benefit of a lower price tag, but this comes at a cost. Like the Roland Soljet, this printer is also limited to eight colors, and its max capacity is 60”, unlike its other two counterparts. Furthermore, this Canon printer only offers a max resolution of 2,400 X 1,200 dpi.

Now that we’ve reviewed the quality, price tag and efficiency of each printer, we can proudly say that the Epson S Series printers give you the best value for your money as well as the best color resolution in each print.

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